by The Blossom Seed

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“Earth is a school, where we are taught by experience, and shaped by the programming we receive from what we surround ourselves with. We are born into this world, exactly as we should be, but we are tricked into believing we are to “become” something more, something different than who we really are. The tricks, turns, triumph and tragedy are all merely tests to see how light we can keep our hearts, even during the darkest moments of this reality. There is no permanence, aside from impermanence, and living the Ma’at principle is the preservation of this light. ~The Egyptian principle of Ma’at is a level of consciousness that revolves around a formula of Love (the heart) under will (conscious attention)."


released April 7, 2017

~Vocals and music by Violet Blossom (The Blossom Seed).
~Stephen Tillman of Tillman Photography for Image.



all rights reserved


The Blossom Seed Tallahassee, Florida

~Remembering our past through sacred sound. The Blossom Seed fabricates an imaginative realm that provides personal insight through ancient, rhythmic & electronic melodies.

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Track Name: The Book of Enoch~
~ ((~Magick~)) ~
Track Name: Ma'at
Isis, Osiris, Ma’at

Chant meaning:
(Invoking Ma’at goddess of truth, harmony, balance and justice. She prevents the universe from returning to chaos.)

You transform the world with your light.
Track Name: Ma'at-Unak (Annunaki)
Isis, Osiris, Ma’at

Love is and will always be the only truth. You transform the world with your light. ~